Latino Health Access Focuses on Diabetes and Heart Disease

    • July 29, 2014

Dates of Project: July 1994 through June 1997

Description: The project team conducted a range of activities—including classes, health fairs, presentations, and campaigns—for Latinos living in Orange County, Calif., to raise their awareness about the risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and to help them prevent or manage these diseases. The team also provided patients with consultations with nutritionists, healthy cooking classes, and a variety of health care services.

Key Results

  • Staff created an 11-session program to help Latino (and some Vietnamese American) patients and their families living in Orange County, Calif., prevent and manage diabetes. A total 723 people (628 with diabetes and 95 family members) graduated from the program.

    • Preliminary findings from an evaluation showed that program participants reported significant improvement in the control of their glucose, with average glycohemoglobin levels decreasing from 11.6 before the course to 8.5 afterward.
  • The team created a program to help Latino patients and their families living in Orange County, Calif., prevent and manage cardiovascular disease. A total 363 people (334 with cardiovascular risks and 29 family members) graduated.

  • Staff trained Latinos with diabetes to become health leaders and to participate in public events to promote awareness of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These events included 12 community health fairs that drew more than 1,500 people, four presentations on diabetes to more than 400 Latinos, and participation in 10 Spanish TV programs.

  • The team worked with ophthalmologists, dentists, and podiatrists to provide eye, dental, and foot care for Latinos in Orange County.