Keeping Residents in Their Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

    • July 8, 2014

Dates of Project: July 1993 through June 1996

Description: The project team developed programs to provide support services to elderly residents at two government-assisted naturally occurring retirement communities in New York City. Services included entitlements assistance and advocacy, counseling, home care assessment and monitoring, transportation assistance, health education classes and screening, medical assistance, group services (e.g., wellness classes and field trips), and assistance from volunteers.

Key Results

  • The project team worked with the lead agencies at two sites to establish supportive programs for elderly residents:

    • The Warbasse Cares for Seniors program, at Warbasse Houses in Coney Island, Brooklyn
    • The Co-Op Village Senior Care program, at Cooperative Village on the Lower East Side of Manhattan
  • At the close of the grant, the programs were serving a total of approximately 1,250 people per quarter.

  • Over the life of the project, amounts of services included the following:

    • Case management and counseling: 14,978 hours
    • Information and referral: 25,806 contacts
    • Nursing services: 4,269 consultations, 3,982 blood pressure screenings, and 568 health education sessions
    • Group services: 2,472 class sessions or events and 40,749 aggregate participants