Evaluation of Enroll America

Graphic outline of map of USA.

Analysis of the first year of implementation found that Enroll America successfully met its stated goals.

The Issue:

Families USA spearheaded formation of Enroll America in 2010 to identify newly eligible adults for enrollment in expanded health insurance coverage made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

Key Findings:

For its first outreach campaign, Enroll America built infrastructure in 11 states (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas), training staff and engaging volunteers and local partners in outreach to consumers.

The 11 states enrolled 150 percent of their target population, compared to 120 percent for non-Enroll America states. Targets were met to varying degrees, however, with a two-fold difference between top (Florida) and bottom (Ohio) Enroll America-ranked states, underscoring suggestive, not causal evidence of success.

Among areas of recommendation for the second enrollment period:

  • Expand the number of consumer assistance counselors.
  • Reconsider how resources are allocated in states that have geographically dispersed uninsured.
  • Increase the number of partnerships with groups connected to key uninsured constituencies.


Enroll America fine tuned its strategies in real time to reach target populations.

About the Study:

The Mathematica Policy Research team conducted interviews with staff and made four site visits to Enroll America states as well as to non-funded operations.