Engaging Latino Immigrant Men in Preventing Domestic Violence

Dates of Project: September 2011 through August 2014

Description: Enlace Comunitario, a social justice organization led by Latina immigrants in central New Mexico, sought to engage Latino immigrant men in the prevention of domestic violence by approaching the men as allies rather than adversaries in this effort.

Between September 2011 and August 2014, Enlace staff offered several domestic violence prevention classes for Latino immigrant men. They also trained a small group of men to become promotores who would make presentations on this topic to other immigrant men.

“We felt that if we were going to eventually have a batterer intervention program, we needed to do some work so that when men left the group they had other images of men that didn’t promote violence against women.”—Project Director Sandra Ortsman, MCRP, MA

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Funding Partnerships national program.

Key Results

  • During its first two years, Enlace staff conducted several different courses with Latino immigrant men (some courses included women). Courses just for men included:

    • Entre Amigos, a course that improved participants’ knowledge and attitudes about domestic violence and understanding of its causes and imparted new anti-violence skills
    • Padres Responsables, which promoted violence-free fatherhood skills
  • Enlace staff conducted a 12-week promotores training program, which culminated in early May 2014 with the induction of eight promotores, each of whom will conduct a minimum of three presentations over the next year.

  • Participants in Enlace’s programs for immigrant men worked with Enlace staff to produce a bilingual video that challenges social norms perpetuating violence against women, as well as a two-month anti-violence media campaign.

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Enlace Comunitario trained Latino men to promote domestic violence prevention to other men in New Mexico