Studying In-Store Marketing of Healthy Food

Dates of Project: November 2010 through October 2012

Description: From November 2010 through October 2012, the Food Trust, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit, partnered with the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and two grocery retail chains in Philadelphia to pilot-test a number of in-store marketing interventions to increase the sales of healthier items. The study focused on five product categories, including milk, frozen entrees, cereal, in-aisle beverages and cooler case beverages.

The project team worked with eight supermarkets located in low-income, ethnically diverse Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Key Findings

  • Among the key findings published in an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition were the following:

    • Changes of placement and product availability significantly increased the amount of healthier milk purchased by consumers.
    • Consumers purchased more water products from aisles and checkout cooler locations in stores with intervention strategies.

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In-store marketing of healthier foods increases sales of lower-fat milk, water & lower-calorie frozen meals