A Time For Action

Two young men play chess at a non-profit restaurant.

Boys and young men of color–like all children–should have the opportunity to achieve their greatest hopes and dreams. Yet, too many of our nation’s sons and brothers are in crisis, and experience unacceptably high rates of homicide, school dropout, poverty, incarceration and unemployment.

The challenges faced by young men of color are varied, complex, and deeply rooted in decades—and even centuries—of historical context.  Solutions go beyond specific programs; they come from healing whole systems. We do not operate under the assumption that organized philanthropy can take on this challenge alone. But we are committed to do our part, and working in partnership with others.

In this report, we describe our understanding of the challenge, what we are doing about it, and the initial funds we will invest—including resources targeted directly to boys and young men of color, as well as resources focused on advancing change in the systems that touch the lives of these young people. We believe that by focusing on systems, policies, and practices to improve life outcomes for young men of color, we can create the conditions for all children and young adults to thrive, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender.



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