Bringing the Nursing Profession's Voice to the Table

    • April 22, 2014

Dates of Project: September 2008 through March 2013

The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care “is not about nursing—it’s about patients.”—Mary Jean Schumann, DNP, MBA

Description: How do you bring an entire profession’s voice to the proverbial table to ensure health care quality, safety, and transparency? Even though they are the largest segment of the health care workforce, nurses faced this question when they found themselves underrepresented in the national debate on measuring and reporting on health care performance.

In response, staff at George Washington University’s School of Nursing planned and launched the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care to provide a stronger and more unified nursing voice in efforts to improve patient care and ensure accountability among providers.

Key Results

  • As of March 2013, 25 nursing and consumer organizations had joined the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care, including AARP and an umbrella organization of 15 pediatric nursing groups.

  • The alliance promoted 24 candidates for appointment to national boards on health care quality and performance measurement and reporting, where many are now active.

  • The alliance issued public comments on federal rules for implementing the Affordable Care Act, and on national strategies and standards for ensuring health care quality, including performance measures for coordinating care and engaging patients.

  • To help ensure its long-term sustainability, the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care moved to the American Nurses Association in 2013.

  • The alliance published reports, articles, position papers, and editorials on the role of nursing in measuring and reporting on performance, coordinating care, and engaging patients in their care.

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Nursing Alliance for Quality Care gives a voice to nurses on improving patient care.