Women of Impact: Addressing Health Care's Broken Windows

In July 2013, a small group of executive-level women from diverse sectors of the health care industry came together for a unique meeting to articulate their desired personal legacies, and to apply the concept of collective impact to advance those legacies in addressing complex problems in health care.

The group, which has since become known as the Women of Impact, agreed on a shared goal: to realign the health care system to meet the needs of all Americans, recognizing that the people who need care come from all walks of life. They also agreed on a nonpartisan case for change that zeroed in on critical concerns prominent in the national conversation, including:

  • Health care costs too much, and Americans aren’t getting what they pay for;
  • People must have the ability to take charge of their wellness and health care and to exercise the power of choice;
  • Health, not sickness should be the focus of care;
  • Innovation is vital;
  • Health care should be available to everyone when they need it; and
  • Now is the time for significant change.
Table explaining how Women Leaders Are Using Collective Impact to Fix What is Broken in Health Care.

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