Deciphering the Data: Final Enrollment Rates Show Federally Run Marketplaces Make Up Lost Ground at End of Open Enrollment

UPDATED: This brief by the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics provides an update to its interim March 2014 findings with enrollment rates at the close of open enrollment.

The brief looks at enrollment rates by state and type of marketplace, and assesses changes in enrollment rates in the final six weeks. The final enrollment figures reveal that the federally facilitated marketplaces and some of the state-based marketplaces made up some ground in the last four to six weeks of the open enrollment period.

The brief uses existing data sources as well as the database, HIX 2.0, which provides a rich array of state-level variables to give an ongoing picture of ACA implementation.

Graph Showing State-Based Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment as a Percent of Potential Enrollees by Governance Structure for Exchange

About the Grantee

The Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) is the University of Pennsylvania’s center for research, policy analysis, and education on the medical, economic, and social issues that influence how health care is organized, financed, managed, and delivered.

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Final enrollment rates show federally run marketplaces made up lost ground #ACAnumbers

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