Urban Institute's Timely Topic Papers

Dates of Project: May 2009 through December 2012

The Urban Institute produced 15 evidence-based papers analyzing health policy issues, quality of care, performance measurement, and national health reform from 2009 to 2012. The goal was to inform policy-makers, researchers, and journalists.

Description: Topics included performance measurement, accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical homes, payment models, Medicare and Medicaid innovation, comparative effectiveness research, and clinical genomics. The reports offer authoritative background and sometimes recommendations, and are designed to provide a balance of perspectives, including those that go against the prevailing wisdom or have less public exposure.

The goal was “to have something that is readable and digestible—something that busy people will take the time to look at—and also is authoritative enough, so that experts in the field would say it is credible.”—Robert Berenson, MD, Project Director

Key Results

The 15 policy papers generated tens of thousands of page views on the websites of RWJF and the Urban Institute. Among the most frequently viewed papers:

Many of the papers have been cited by journalists and experts in the field, and the project team has been invited to speak at a number of forums.

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