Reforming the Way Physicians Are Paid

The National Commission on Physician Payment Reform, convened by the Society of General Internal Medicine, formulated 12 recommendations for reining in health spending—principally physician reimbursement—and improving patient outcomes.

Dates of Project: November 2011 through April 2013

Description: The way physicians are paid contributes substantially to unsustainable health care spending in the United States.

Key Results

  • The National Commission on Physician Payment Reform published a report in March 2013 that presents 12 recommendations on how physician payment reform can optimize care and control costs. Recommendations fall into three areas:

    • Transitioning from a fee-for-service payment system
    • Recalibrating fee-for-service and advance fixed-payment models
    • Improving physician pay within the Medicare program

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National Commission Physician Payment Reform report recommends 12 ways to optimize care & control costs.