Promoting Health Reform to Provide Affordable, High-Quality Coverage for Lower-Income People

Dates of Project: November 2010 through April 2013

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities developed a paper, a memorandum, and an online toolkit to support the implementation of two health care coverage provisions for low- and moderate-income people in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Basic Health option and expanded Medicaid.

Description: The project team first informed state stakeholders about the ACA’s Basic Health program and developed recommendations for Basic Health’s rules and regulations.

A published, online paper—State Considerations on Adopting Health Reform’s “Basic Health” Option: Federal Guidance Needed for States to Fully Assess Option—describes the Basic Health option and the issues states should consider to determine whether to adopt it.

The project team then helped state stakeholders develop effective implementation plans for Medicaid expansion through ACA.

An online toolkit for state organizations—Health Reform’s Medicaid Expansion: A Tool Kit for State Advocates—brings together resources to help advocates analyze the fiscal impact of the Medicaid expansion for their states, as well as additional materials to help make the case for expanding Medicaid. It also provides state-by-state fact sheets on the number of uninsured people who would benefit from the expansion and the likely costs to each state.

“The materials in the toolkit have been well received, and they are used regularly in many states.”—Judith Solomon, JD, project director

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Online toolkit that explains ACA's Medicaid expansion options is embraced by many state expansion advocates