Strengthening Rural Latino's Civic Engagement for Health

The Issue:

A report from the World Health Organization on the Social Determinants of Health noted a need for disadvantaged populations to increase empowerment for their participation in decisions and for fair representation. The Latino Health Ambassadors Network, Voceros de Salud, is a group of seven leaders created to help address health inequalities and promote empowerment in Benton County, Ore.

Key Findings:

  • From 2008 through 2010, the Voceros de Salud project helped increase trust between the Latino community and local institutions. The project also helped increase participation among the Latino community in local policy and decision-making.


The Voceros de Salud, translated as “voices for health” helped engage the local Latino community in health planning, empowerment to help advocate for community interventions and to assess the needs of the community to address health inequalities. 

About the Study:

The Voceros de Salud project discussed in this paper can be used as a model to other communities struggling with health or other social inequalities.