Reaching and Enrolling the Uninsured

Experts say that much of the success of the ACA will depend on the degree to which states and the federal government can get people to enroll into health coverage.

The law is currently projected to provide insurance to an estimated 25 million people by 2016. This report analyzes enrollment and implementation efforts in 10 states, and finds stark differences in the level of marketing and consumer assistance efforts. 

Key Findings

  • Some states--typically those establishing their own state-based insurance exchange--have developed innovative marketing campaigns and targeted substantial resources to support enrollment assistance.

  • In contrast, states that deferred to federally facilitated exchanges have not engaged in the same kind of robust and enthusiastic planning for the launch of health reform.

  • Ultimately, these states will not be supported by the same level of marketing and enrollment assistance and may not achieve the same level of enrollment.

Expanding Coverage Options

During open enrollment, millions of Americans can find new quality, affordable coverage through health insurance marketplaces.

Follow these families' leads and get enrolled! RWJF has resources available for individuals and families, small business owners, and other materials for those seeking to help consumers enroll.