Healthy Readers

    • October 14, 2013

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading launched the Healthy Readers initiative to make the connection between childhood health and reading proficiency.

Dates of Project: May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013

Description: The attainment of reading proficiency by the third grade is a key determinant of future education success for children, and one that is often difficult for children from low-income families to achieve, in part, because they may struggle with health issues that interfere with their efforts to learn.

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading launched the Healthy Readers project to provide parents, school administrators, and others with the tools they need to improve the health of children and, thus, advance reading proficiency. The Healthy Readers initiative produced a series of toolkits and resource guides for distribution to partners in the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s network of communities.

Healthy Readers’ project staff built a bridge between two types of professional communities: those who address childhood learning from a health perspective and those who address the same issue from an educational perspective.

“Reading relies on the development of the whole child—including the closely entwined aspects of a child’s physical, social and emotional, as well as cognitive health.”—Healthy Readers toolkit