Real Stories, Real Reforms

Family sitting at a kitchen table.

Having affordable, adequate health insurance coverage is essential to the health and financial vitality of American families.

Yet today, approximately 48 million non-elderly Americans are uninsured. Prepared by researchers at Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms, this report documents eight families' efforts to navigate the health insurance system.

The experiences reported here are not unique. They help to illustrate the problems that people can have obtaining meaningful, comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. This report ultimately demonstrates how the ACA has already begun improving people's coverage options, and how it will continue to improve access to quality, affordable health coverage when all the reforms are in full effect.

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Expanding Coverage Options

During open enrollment, millions of Americans can find new quality, affordable coverage through health insurance marketplaces.

Follow these families' leads and get enrolled! RWJF has resources available for individuals and families, small business owners, and other materials for those seeking to help consumers enroll.