Navigating the Translation and Dissemination of PHSSR Findings

Nurses and receptionists sitting in the reception area of a clinic.

This toolkit for researchers provides important information on how to effectively translate and disseminate PHSSR research.

Public health services and systems research (PHSSR) studies the impact of different approaches to organizing, delivering, and paying for public health services, and examines strategies for improving the quality and performance of the U.S. public health system. As the U.S. health system faces significant changes, public officials are looking for solid evidence of what works to guide funding and policy decisions.

The toolkit outlines four important strategies for researchers:

  1. Define and target your audience when research begins, not when it ends.

  2. Develop trusted stakeholder relationships so a community becomes active players and partners rather than passive participants.

  3. Create a translation plan that considers your primary audience’s perspective and communicates the utility of your conclusions.

  4. Develop a dissemination strategy that considers traditional and non-traditional sources.

By utilizing this guide, complete with questions to ask, checklists, and additional resources, researchers can increase the likelihood that findings will be implemented into policy and public health practice.