Creating a Healthy Concession Stand

    • May 29, 2013

Dates of Project: January–December 2012

Field of Work: Promoting healthier foods

Problem Synopsis: One strategy for combatting obesity, especially childhood obesity, is to make healthier, lower-calorie foods available at parks, pools, and other public venues.

Synopsis of the Work: The Food Trust of Philadelphia worked with the Princeton Recreation Department in New Jersey and the concessionaire at the Princeton pool complex to revise the concession stand menu, reducing calorie counts of existing items and adding new, healthier items.

Changes in the 15 top-selling items alone resulted in almost 1.2 million fewer calories being sold during the season.

Key Results

Decreasing serving sizes and using lower-calorie ingredients succeeded in eliminating more than a million calories from the top 15 most popular food items sold over the course of the 2012 summer season.

Changes in the portion size of soft drinks resulted in almost 142,000 fewer calories being sold.

“We've received nothing but high praise for the quality of the food, and we didn't get any complaints about portion sizes or taste.”—Evan Moorhead, assistant director of recreation services, Princeton Recreation Department

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Eliminating 1 million calories & keeping customers happy at concession stand @ Princeton public pool