Building Community and Improving Health in Low-Income Las Vegas Neighborhoods

    • May 29, 2013

Dates of Project: 2010–2012

Field of Work: Improving health in low-income neighborhoods by focusing on the social determinants of health

Problem Synopsis: Wards 3 and 5 of Las Vegas are very low-income neighborhoods with some of the worst rates of disease and disability, unemployment, and high school graduation in the country. Residents of such areas are at risk for multiple mental and physical diseases, rendering community interventions that target one disease or one risky behavior ineffective.

Synopsis of the Work: Rather than focusing on specific diseases or health behaviors, the project focused–through minigrants and technical assistance to community groups–on developing interventions that work at the level of the social determinants of health, such as social capital and civic engagement.

Key Results

The project team helped nine grassroots community organizations conduct projects that would build social capital and civic engagement in very low-income Las Vegas neighborhoods.

Two sidebars at the back of the report tell stories from the project.