Are State Medicaid Managed Care Programs Ready for 2014?

In this report, researchers at the Urban Institute gauge the preparedness of eight states’ Medicaid managed care programs to handle the influx of new enrollees in 2014. The authors say readiness of managed care programs is key, as they already serve a significant portion of Medicaid enrollees and the numbers will increase after expansion.

Key Findings

  • Health care stakeholders believe managed care programs are ready to absorb more Medicaid beneficiaries in their plans.

  • In each of the study states, experts cited a history of strong managed care programs operating in their state, with solid organizational and operational infrastructures to build upon.

  • Most stakeholders said that managed care programs would easily take on the increased number of Medicaid enrollees.

  • Stakeholders expressed some concerns about the ability of states’ information technology (IT) systems to seamlessly handle an increased volume of eligibility and enrollment processes.