Ending Versus Controlling Versus Employing Addiction in the Tobacco-Caused Disease Endgame

"There are complex factors behind why some of us are ‘hard’ vs ‘soft’ on addiction as an issue. It is not just scientific evidence or training that informs these positions but also complex moral values influenced by moral psychology that are at play. The point of invoking themes from moral psychology is not to say one position is either more or less moral than another but to try to enrich the assessments of our varying positions and identify issues that can keep factions from agreeing. As the tobacco control community seeks an end to tobacco-produced disease, the means to the end will be the critical factor."

—Excerpted from a special supplement of Tobacco Control.


This research was not funded directly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), but has been included as an additional resource to this issue of Tobacco Control supported by RWJF.