Cultivating the Next Generation of Tobacco Endgame Advocates

"Long-term success for any tobacco endgame is contingent not only on acquiring political will, but also on sustaining it over a long period of time, perhaps even for decades. Future cohorts of public health professionals with knowledge of tobacco issues are therefore needed to carry on with the endgame strategy (should early attempts fail) and to keep tobacco control salient after an endgame strategy has initially been implemented. The endgame itself offers a unique pedagogical opportunity that could revive interest in tobacco control at schools of public health—an important first step in cultivating the future advocacy base for a tobacco endgame."

—Excerpted from a special supplement of Tobacco Control.


This research was not funded directly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), but has been included as an additional resource to this issue of Tobacco Control supported by RWJF.