Advancing Bipartisan Understanding of Health Policy Issues

Educating national opinion leaders and advisers to make informed decisions on health and health care policy, 2011-2012
    • May 22, 2013

The Alliance for Health Reform held 16 briefings, and produced two issue briefs, six tool kits and seven short videos to provide unbiased information on health reform.

Dates of Project: September 2011 through October 2012

Field of Work: Educating national policy-makers and journalists about health policy

Problem Synopsis: Widespread misunderstanding of the Affordable Care Act persists, as does continuing resistance to many of its features by elected officials and other stakeholders.

Synopsis of the Work: The Alliance for Health Reform conducted briefings and produced reports, videos and toolkits providing accurate, impartial information about health policy, including the Affordable Care Act.

Key Results

The Alliance for Health Reform conducted 16 briefings that drew more than 2,500 opinion leaders and reporters to topics that included the implications of deficit reduction for health care and how preventing chronic diseases can save money. It also produced two issue briefs, six toolkits, and seven short videos.