A Task Force Model for Statewide Change in Nursing Education

This article outlines 10 process steps, followed by recommendations, to transform nursing education in ways to improve patient safety in the state of Michigan.

An overview of the Task Force on Nursing Education (TFNE) designed to: "expand the capacity of nursing education systems in Michigan..." is presented in this article. Under the leadership of a chief nurse executive, members of the TFNE gathered in 14 meetings over a nine-month period to build consensus and issued a set of seven recommendations.  Recommendations 1 through 4 dealt with transformational change in nursing education, while Recommendation 5 through 7 related to infrastructure change. The Michigan Nurse Education Council (MNEC) was established immediately following Recommendation 6. Their goal is to support planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing education initiatives in the state.

Key Points:

  • From 2010 through 2012, the MNEC demonstrated significant progress in addressing and implementing the seven recommendations.
  • To ensure quality and safety in nursing education and practice, Recommendation 2 led to the execution of the successful Michigan Quality and Safety in Nursing Education Institute. 

The MNEC plans to continue improvement in nursing education and patient safety through guiding future strategies for further success and continued sustainability.