What Should Exchanges Know About Call Centers

This brief reviews the components of a Call Center as a main face of the Exchange and part of a broader strategy for optimizing people, processes, and technology to support Exchange goals and objectives. It offers tips for strategy development and Call Center management best practices.

The brief concludes with an exploration of five Call Center best practices relevant to the Exchange environment, several of which are drawn from conversations with people familiar with  some of the best-in-class Call Centers in the country, including L.L.Bean, Fidelity Investments, Nordstrom, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont.

The resources and state examples presented in this brief represent only a portion of the material available to states looking for examples of best practices and the latest thinking on consumer assistance. In the coming months, the State Health Reform Assistance Network (State Network) will release more detailed briefs on specific consumer assistance topics including navigators and call centers.