Navigators and In-Person Assistors

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and related guidance have established Navigators and In-Person Assistors (IPAs) to help individuals in Health Benefit Exchanges (Exchanges). Regardless of the type of Exchange, every state will have Navigators and IPA programs, and several states have begun to make policy and operational decisions that could be informative to other states.

This brief outlines important policy issues for states to consider while implementing their Navigators and IPA programs, as well as summarizes the basic information and guidance released to date. The brief concludes with a compilation of resources, program structures, and ideas from leading states.

The resources and state examples presented in this brief represent only a portion of the material available to states looking for examples of best practices and the latest thinking on consumer assistance. In the coming months, the State Health Reform Assistance Network (State Network) will release more detailed briefs on specific consumer assistance topics including navigators and call centers.