Salud America! A National Research Network to Build the Field and Evidence to Prevent Latino Childhood Obesity

Salud America! fills the research void, employing an ecological approach—focused on society, school, family, and the individual—to prevent and reduce childhood obesity among Latino children.

Salud America! accomplishments to date:

  • Developed a national advisory committee and online network of researchers, community leaders, and health groups to reverse Latino childhood obesity.
  • Developed a research priority agenda on Latino childhood obesity prevention.
  • Funded pilot research projects and provided training and mentorships to researchers.
  • Disseminated findings through scientific meetings.

Salud America! also created communication channels, to inform network members of news and funding opportunities, and to offer information to the general public through social media at a later time.

“During the past 5 years, Salud America! has substantially increased awareness of Latino childhood obesity issues, the number of investigators examining those issues, and the evidence base;” these authors conclude. “The network’s pilot studies documented important societal, cultural, community, and family factors contributing to Latino childhood obesity and identified policy implications and recommendations for combating the epidemic.”