Reform in Action: Six Resources for Employers about Improving Health and Health Care for Employees

For employers and other health care purchasers, such as unions, engaging employees to better manage their health and spend health care dollars wisely are crucial efforts, but can seem daunting.

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Here are some resources to get you started: 

  1. The Communication Toolkit, developed by the American Institutes for Research, provides customizable handouts with actionable and easy-to-understand tips and tools that employers can use to help employees understand what it means to receive quality health care and how they can make sure they get the right care.
  2. The “Own Your Health” campaign is a great example of a program for engaging employees in their health and health care.
  3. Buying Value is a purchaser-driven initiative that aims to change the way health care is paid for—so that purchasers are paying for better care, not more care.
  4. Catalyst for Payment Reform is a purchaser-led organization that identifies and coordinates strategies for improving value and quality in the health care system.
  5. The National Business Coalition on Health, which is a membership organization of purchaser-led health care collaboratives, offers action briefs on important health topics for purchasers and strategies for addressing these issues.
  6. Regional health collaboratives, such as organizations involved in RWJF’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative or the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, are excellent resources to learn how to work with multiple stakeholders to improve health and health care in a community.

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