The Journal of Public Health Management & Practice Focuses on Advances in Public Health Services and Systems Research

This special issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice (JPHMP) profiles the results of recent advances in Public Health Services and Systems Research. The issue reflects the contemporary characters of research in the field, including a broad cross section of topics, methodologies, and practical applications.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) supports a large and growing collection of research projects that are producing a steady stream of new evidence about the organization, financing, and delivery of public health services. The 19 articles presented in this special issue of JPHMP, written by RWJF grantees, cover topics such as public health organizations, governance, financing, workforce, and decision making.

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The Journal of Public Health Management & Practice Focuses on Advances in Public Health Services and Systems Research

  1. 1. Advancing the Science of Delivery
  2. 2. Expanding Delivery System Research in Public Health Settings
  3. 3. Public Health Law Research: Exploring Law in Public Health Systems
  4. 4. Developing a Taxonomy for the Science of Improvement in Public Health
  5. 5. Public Health Services and Systems Research: Current State of Finance Research
  6. 6. Governance Typology
  7. 7. Diffusion of Practice-Based Research in Local Public Health
  8. 8. Defining Organizational Capacity for Public Health Services and Systems Research
  9. 9. Measuring the Authority of Local Public Health Directors in the Context of Organizational Structure
  10. 10. The Extent of Interorganizational Resource Sharing Among Local Health Departments
  11. 11. Health Districts as Quality Improvement Collaboratives and Multi-Jurisdictional Entities
  12. 12. Information-Seeking Behaviors and Other Factors Contributing to Successful Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Local Health Departments
  13. 13. Assessing the Roles of Brokerage
  14. 14. Structural and Organizational Characteristics Associated With Performance of Essential Public Health Services in Small Jurisdictions
  15. 15. Assessment of Workforce Capacity for Local Health Departments in Nebraska
  16. 16. Topology of Local Health Officials' Advice Networks
  17. 17. Local Health Departments and Specific Maternal and Child Health Expenditures
  18. 18. Variability in Practices for Investigation, Prevention, and Control of Communicable Diseases Among Washington State's Local Health Jurisdictions

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