Improving Quality and Value in Health Care: Ideas from the Field

Date: Call for Proposals: April 2010; projects run through October 2013

Field of Work: Quality improvement and safety

Problem Synopsis: The nation faces significant health care quality and safety problems. Health professionals and health care consumers need widely-available public information about the cost and quality of care in order to make sound decisions. Payers and patients should be paying for high-value care rather than high volumes of care.

Synopsis of the Work: This solicitation sought to promote learning and knowledge about innovative efforts that address health care quality and value problems, by studying such efforts in the following specific areas, in order to understand how they may lead to better health care quality and lower costs.

Key Results

  • RWJF received 277 proposals and, based on input from independent reviewers, selected 12 of the most novel ideas and those most likely to engender far-reaching change. These grants, totaling $3.1 million, address issues in value-based purchasing, quality improvement support, public reporting of provider performance, and data collection and aggregation for performance measurement. The 12 grants awarded were for up to $300,000 for up to three years.

Program Results Reports on a selection of these projects are linked to the Introduction.