David C. Colby Celebrates 40 Years of Research and Evaluation

Vice President of Research and Evaluation, David C. Colby (1998 to present), leads a team dedicated to improving the nation's ability to understand key health and health care issues so that informed decisions can be made concerning the way Americans maintain health and obtain health care. He is guided by the principle that research speaks truth to power when it is practical and communicated to a broader audience, and views his role of developing and disseminating focused research doing just that.

Learn about the critical role Research and Evaluation has played in the evolution of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the field of philanthropy. Download the recorded September 19 webinar, “40 Years of Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Investment in tobacco policy research: $116 million (1991-2011).



Addressing Tobacco in Health (read the evaluation report)

Bridging the Gap (read the program report)

Substance Abuse and Prevention (read the program report)

The Smoke-Free Families Program (Anthology chapter)


Tobacco Policy Research

One strategy used by the Foundation to help the nation address problems associated with tobacco use: the support of policy-related research.

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The Tobacco Campaigns

An assessment of RWJF's tobacco work over 20 years.

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