Alan B. Cohen Celebrates 40 Years of Research and Evaluation

Alan Cohen, professor of health policy and management, Boston University School of Management, and executive director, Boston University Health Policy Institute, worked on many scholars programs during his time at the Foundation (1984-1992). The Foundation's investment in human capital programs spans 40 years and totals $765 million. This funding has been used to develop and evaluate its portfolio of scholars and fellows programs (28 programs and 43 evaluations).

Since 1992 Cohen has directed the Foundation's Scholars in Health Policy Research program that develops creative thinkers in health policy research within the disciplines of economics, political science, and sociology. Beginning January 2013, Cohen will serve as national program director for the Foundation’s Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research program.

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Learn about the critical role Research and Evaluation has played in the evolution of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the field of philanthropy. Download the recorded September 19 webinar, “40 Years of Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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