Healthy Men, Healthy Communities Initiative

Dates of the Project: October 2010 through March 2012

Field of Work: Vulnerable Populations

Problem Synopsis: Boys and men of color and from low-income communities face unique educational, health, and social challenges. If grantmakers who focus on helping this population become better educated about these marginalized males and their communities, they can better highlight and address their specific issues.

Synopsis of the Work: Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families developed an initiative called Healthy Men, Healthy Communities, a collaborative network of funders interested in helping marginalized males and their communities.

Since 2010, the initiative has hosted learning events, developed key relationships with related stakeholders and government agencies, and disseminated information about the initiative and its efforts through e-newsletters and reports designed to highlight the needs and challenges facing this population.

Key Results

Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families:

  • Developed, hosted, and attended preconference events and sessions related to issues of importance to the Healthy Men, Healthy Community Initiative at its 2011 annual conference
  • In 2010 and 2011, hosted sessions at external stakeholder meetings of like-minded organizations and government agencies
  • Developed and continued to build key relationships with federal agencies, congressional staff, state partners, and nonprofit partners associated with and interested in changing the lives of marginalized males and their communities
  • Distributed monthly Healthy Men, Healthy Commnunities e-newsletters, and highlighted related issues on an expanded, designated website and in other publications and reports
  • Created an online Healthy Men, Healthy Communities Funders Network that provides an opportunity for discussion with like-minded funders on areas of interest