Bold Ideas for Health Care Gaining Momentum

Health Leads CEO Rebecca Onie opened April’s TEDMED conference in Washington, DC with the bold question: What if our health care system kept us healthy? Since then, her talk about revolutionizing healthcare has been viewed more than 200,000 times and sparked a national conversation about new ways to think beyond traditional medical care delivery to improve health.

The Washington Post recently spotlighted Health Leads and its model to bridge the gap between social needs and health care by enabling physicians to write prescriptions for basic resources like food and heat. Kurt Newman, M.D., president of Children’s National Medical Center, called the hospital’s decision to offer Health Leads “the kind of agent for change you want for a children’s hospital.”

New York Times contributor, Pauline Chen, MD, continued the conversation by asserting that our health care system can learn from countries that do more with less. In, “What We Can Learn From Third-World Health Care” Dr. Chen explored how solutions that broaden the definition of what constitutes health care, where it is delivered, and who provides it can improve health outcomes: by addressing patients’ health needs beyond the clinic walls.

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