Nurse Reported Quality of Care

Overall hospital quality and processes including measures of mortality, failure to rescue, and patient satisfaction are all indicative of hospital performance. In this study, nurse reported quality of care was a significant indicator of hospital quality.

A retrospective secondary analysis was conducted. The study included 396 acute care hospitals from California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New Jersey and 16,241 nurses. The quality of nursing care in each hospital was assessed using a single question: “How would you describe the quality of nursing care delivered to patients in your unit?” (Self-report responses included Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.) Data were collected from the Multi-State Nursing Care and Patient Safety Study from 2006–2007. The survey responses from the nurses were then linked to data from the 2006 to 2007 American Hospital Association Annual Survey.

Key Findings:

  • Nurse-reported quality of care was a significant predictor of outcomes and process measures that indicate hospital quality of care.

From admittance to discharge, nurses offer reliable information regarding the quality of care patients receive at a hospital. Additional examination of nurse reported quality and other outcomes would offer additional hospital quality insight.