From Disaster to Housing

Dates of Project: November 2006 to November 2011

Field of Work: Supportive housing for people with disabilities

Problem Synopsis: Hurricanes Rita and Katrina in August and September 2005 left some 455,000 persons in Louisiana homeless and those most affected were vulnerable individuals with disabilities.

Synopsis of the Work: From 2006 to 2011, the nonprofit Technical Assistance Collaborative provided capacity building, technical assistance, and policy support to social service organizations in Louisiana serving vulnerable, individuals with disabilities in need of permanent supportive housing following Rita and Katrina.

Key Results

Officials of the Boston-based collaborative termed the Permanent Supportive Housing initiative the largest and most complex effort ever to combine safe and affordable residential housing with social services for vulnerable people with disabilities who were either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The permanent supportive housing initiative placed 3,250 persons with disabilities in 2,196 units.
Average monthly Medicaid costs were reduced by 24 percent for persons served in these units.
Louisiana amended its Medicaid plan to specifically include service activities for people in permanent supportive housing.