The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center

Dates of Center: November 2002 through January 2013

Field of Work: Smoking cessation

Problem Synopsis: Health professionals are among the most effective advocates for tobacco cessation,yet only 20 percent give cessation advice to smokers. Many health providers say they lack the time or the tools to provide this advice, which leaves a critical gap in reaching the goal of reducing and eventually eliminating smoking.

Synopsis of the Work: The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center works with leadership organizations of clinician and health profession groups, such as anesthesiologists and dental hygienists, as well as local, state, and federal government organizations to improve the performance of health professionals in helping their patients quit smoking.

The center does so through sponsoring meetings of these groups, providing small grants and technical assistance, offering proven tools and writing about the importance of health professionals' involvement in smoking cessation in peer-reviewed journals and association newsletters.

Key Results

  • From 2003 to 2012, the program has worked with more than 60 health professional groups, created materials and tools to assist health providers in helping patients to quit smoking and assisted in paving the way for organizations to work in two sectors that had been most resistant to tobacco cessation interventions—mental health and substance abuse.