A Gateway to Health Careers for Urban High School Students

Dates of Project: 2005–2011

Field of Work: Promoting health careers for low-income and minority students

Problem Synopsis: The growing demand for trained health care workers stands in sharp contrast to the ability of many urban school systems to graduate students adequately prepared to pursue the education necessary to meet the need.

Synopsis of the Work: The Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education partnered with three New York City public entities: the Department of Education, the City University of New York, and the Health and Hospitals Corporation to introduce high school students to a broad array of health care careers and provide the educational grounding they need to move ahead.

Key Results

  • Staff at Gateway and its partners created the Gateway Health Careers model to prepare high school students to pursue a wide variety of health-related careers.

    • The initiative offers health electives, tutoring and other academic enrichment; clinical internships; field trips; and workshops, health fairs and open houses.
    • During the grant period, some 270 ninth-grade students at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School enrolled in Gateway Health Careers, which begins in ninth grade and lasts through their graduation.
    • Eighty-five students have completed the project and 85 percent of them indicated they were interested in pursuing health careers.
    • Gateway Health Careers continues to provide its package of offerings, with 35 new students enrolled in the 2011–2012 school year, with funding provided by the partner institutions.