New York Site Visit Report

A report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as part of its Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation-Monitoring and Tracking Series, examines New York’s progress toward implementing health care reform—through both the ACA and the state’s own reforms.

Prepared by researchers at the Urban Institute and Georgetown University’s Health Policy Center, the report finds that New York has been proactive in implementing the ACA and has made considerable progress, despite not yet passing legislation establishing its health insurance exchange. New York’s long-standing tradition of providing health care to its low-income residents, together with the state making progress with private insurance market reform, well position New York to implement the ACA.

The authors conclude that while New York faces important policy decisions moving ahead, it may have an easier time than other states because it has already addressed many issues as part of its own health reform effort.

This report is one of 10 state case study analyses that will be completed in 2012.