Colorado Site Visit Report

A report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as part of its "Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation-Monitoring and Tracking Series," examines Colorado’s progress toward implementing health care reform through the ACA.

Prepared by researchers at the Urban Institute, the report finds that Colorado has made substantial progress in implementing health reform by:

  • Expanding access to health coverage;
  • Creating consumer protections for purchasers of insurance; and
  • Implementing a new health insurance exchange.

The authors conclude that with less than two years to go before the ACA is fully implemented, the state is reasonably well positioned. They explain that Colorado’s pre-ACA, bi-partisan consensus on critical issues surrounding the need to expand access to affordable care led to several important Medicaid and private insurance reforms, and gave the state a head start on national health reform.

This report is one of 10 state case study analyses that will be completed in 2012.