Resources From the Massachusetts Implementation Experience

Health Reform Toolkit Series

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all states must either develop or participate in a health insurance exchange which must give consumers complete and easy-to-understand information about health insurance options. Because Massachusetts’ 2006 health reform law established an insurance exchange in that state, many states around the nation are turning to Massachusetts officials for lessons about establishing an exchange.

The Health Reform Toolkit Series, released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and produced by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation, provides an in-depth look at Massachusetts’ experience implementing state-based health reform and provides timely insight for others nationwide. The toolkits are designed to share experiences, materials, templates, and lessons learned from the state’s planning and creation of its exchange with other states as they begin ACA implementation.

The five-part series includes toolkits on: building an effective exchange website, implementing a public education campaign, determining health benefit designs to be offered, mitigating risk, and outreach and enrollment to those newly eligible.