What Are the Recent Trends for Children's Participation in Medicaid and CHIP?

States have made substantial progress enrolling children in the Children's Health Insurance Policy (CHIP) and Medicaid in recent years.

In 2009, nationwide, 84.8 percent of eligible children were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP, up from 82.1 percent from the previous year. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia had participation rates of 90 percent or higher in 2009.

The rise in children's participation in Medicaid and CHIP held true across many demographic categories, including race, ethnicity and income group. The only group without a noticeable increase in enrollment were non-citizen children.

The overall success in reaching uninsured, low-income children offers policy makers lessons in Medicaid enrollment for other, vulnerable population groups.

This Health Policy Snapshot, published online in January 2012, examines the national and statewide trends in children's participation in public health care.

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million children remained uninsured despite being eligible for Medicaid or CHIP in 2009