Public Reporting of Cost & Resource Use Measures to Consumers

This primer is part of a series of technical assistance products to support the efforts of Alliances to engage consumers in using information on quality and cost when making health care decisions.

Alliances should use this primer to help staff and partners:

  • Understand and explain why your Alliance is choosing to report cost and resource use measures to consumers in your community.
  • Recognize and address some of the challenges involved in reporting this information.
  • Discover what your Alliance can do to spur advances in reporting cost and resource use measures to consumers.

The health reform law and other payment innovations are expected to reshape health care delivery by aligning provider, purchaser, and consumer incentives to encourage more efficient, evidenced-based care. Consumers will be increasingly exposed to reports that contain comparative displays of cost and quality information—such as those published by the Alliances— to support these new reform efforts. In turn, the success of these efforts will hinge on how well consumers are able to understand and apply the quality, cost and resource use information from your public reports to their health care decisions.

This primer, which contains guidance based on existing research on engaging consumers with cost and quality information, can help Alliances meet this challenge head on.