ExploreHealthCareers.org Gets an Upgrade

    • December 1, 2011

Field of Work: Promoting health careers

Problem Synopsis: The number of minority and low-income health professionals in the U.S. health care workforce is low, yet that workforce also suffers from critical shortages.

Synopsis of the Work: The American Dental Education Association updated and expanded ExploreHealthCareers.org, built awareness of the site among low-income and minority middle- and high-school students, and created an online mentoring and social networking microsite.

Key Results

  • The expanded ExploreHealthCareers.org website includes:

    • Information on five new health care fields and dozens of new careers.
    • A directory of more than 7,000 programs across the United States that educate and train students to enter health professions.
    • Information on more than 500 enrichment programs that provide low-income and minority high-school and college students with exposure to and experience in health care fields.
    • A database of 300 scholarships, loans, fellowships, and grants that enable low-income and minority students to pursue health careers.

    Staff also created an online mentoring and social networking microsite for the Dental Student Outreach Program.