The Annenberg/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Roadmap for Effective Health Communication

The Roadmap for Effective Health Communication Project serves as a guide to effectively using communications to help design and implement health promotion and behavior change. With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Annenberg Public Policy Center aims to give guidance to others as they think about and design such campaigns.

Featured tools and topics include:

  • Theories Relevant to Health Behavior: includes information about theories that may shift the level of individual or community change and how these can be implemented into programming;
  • Messages: helps one consider the relevant factors that should go into a campaign’s messaging;
  • Audiences: features advice on what kinds of content are likely to be most effective for various audiences;
  • Policy Interventions: reviews interventions that have used the legal system and related policy strategies to influence behavior and social norms;
  • Information Processing: examines the line of research referred to as information processing, which considers factors affecting the processing of messages;
  • Methods: provides an overview of some of the major methods currently used to study communication processes and to evaluate the effects of programs, including the use of meta-analysis across many different studies; and numerous other resources.

Because case studies are often the best way to evaluate how a program does (or does not) work, the site also features examples of media campaigns and policy interventions that have each worked to varying degrees. Additional site resources are continuously updated with the latest research.