Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization

Dates of the Program: 1989 to 2015

Description: For 25 years, Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization (HCFO) has supported investigator-initiated research, analysis, and evaluation projects examining major challenges in U.S. health care. The national program has been among the nation's largest sources of private funding for policy-related health services research.

HCFO also serves as an information bridge between the research and policymaking worlds by informing decision-makers of findings that could affect public programs and the private health care market.

Key Results

  • From 1989 to early October 2014, through HCFO, RWJF awarded grants totaling $82.1 million for 333 health policy research projects.

  • The projects produced findings relevant to policymakers and health care practitioners.

  • Most grantees published their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

  • HCFO staff used face-to-face gatherings and electronic communications to inform public- and private-sector decision-makers about research findings that could affect health care cost, quality, and access.

“HCFO is very much tied into what is happening on Capitol Hill and within federal agencies, as well as in the industry and state government.”—Nancy Barrand, MPA, senior program adviser at RWJF