Refugees in Metropolitan Atlanta Get Help with Family Violence

Field of Work: Domestic violence among refugees

Problem Synopsis: Many refugees come from cultures that tolerate the use of domestic violence with no legal repercussions. It is important that refugees understand that acts of domestic violence are not acceptable in the U.S. and have deeper criminal and health-related implications.

Synopsis of the Work: Under contract to the Georgia Department of Human Services, the Center for Pan Asian Community Services and Tapestri, Inc. organized and delivered education and prevention programs aimed at reducing domestic violence among refugee families living in the Atlanta area.

Key Findings/Results

During the three-year grant period, 985 refugees received domestic violence intervention and prevention services through men's groups, women's groups or co-educational community education.

Of 36 court-ordered males who participated in the state-certified 24-week program, 33 decreased their rate of domestic violence perpetration.

As a result of the program, many participants who said they previously tolerated acts of domestic violence reported that they sought help to address domestic violence.