Training Nurses in Clinical Settings

    • August 1, 2011

Field of Work: Studying alternative ways to train nurses in clinical settings as a way to alleviate the nursing shortage.

Problem Synopsis: The United States is facing a nursing shortage that is predicted to grow to up to one million nurses by 2020.

Synopsis of the Work: Researchers conducted a literature review and held a conference to explore the VA Nursing Academy’s Enhancing Academic Partnerships Program and other innovative programs to train nurses in clinical settings.

Key Results

  • The literature review indicated a significant need for more rigorous studies on training nurses in clinical settings, as a way to alleviate the nursing shortage. The researchers noted the need for more research to examine the effectiveness of academic-clinical partnerships and measure other approaches that may be effective and efficient in expanding the nursing faculty.

    At the “Conference on Enhancing Nursing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting: What Do We Know and How Do We Move Forward?” (October 19-21, 2010, in Arlington, Va.) 187 nursing educators, nurses, physicians and policy-makers shared best practices and insights about academic-clinical partnerships, expanding and developing clinical faculty, and non-traditional teaching settings (e.g., clinics for homeless people and nursing homes).