The Hunger Action Network Brings Vegetables to Thousands of Plates

    • May 23, 2011

Field of Work: Access to affordable healthy foods for low-income residents

Problem Synopsis: Hunger and food insecurity often force lower-income families to rely on less-expensive, higher-calorie foods, a pattern that leads to higher levels of obesity and diabetes.

Synopsis of the Work: A network of food providers, advocates and others worked to increase access to healthy, affordable food among low-income residents in selected neighborhoods in New York City and Schenectady, N.Y.

Key Results

Hunger Action Network helped make 158,560 pounds of fresh vegetables and herbs available at an affordable price or for free through community-supported agricultural programs in three low-income New York City neighborhoods: Flatbush, Long Island City and West Harlem. The network also opened Hamilton Hill Food Processers in Schenectady, which used local produce to make tomato sauce, healthy jams, salsas and bruschettas sold under the brand name Healthy Community Harvest.