The Faith and Family Voices for Health Reform Project

Field of Work: the health reform debate

Problem Synopsis: In order for the health reform debate to be successful, there were critical issues that needed to be addressed, including a better understanding of how to design, implement, administer and sustain policies to expand health care coverage.

Synopsis of the Work: The PICO National Network conducted the Faith and Family Voices for Health Reform Project that provided resources and training to clergy and faith leaders seeking to participate in the debate.

Key Results

  • During the project, PICO and its affiliates:

    • Conducted training sessions for PICO clergy and faith leaders
    • Held seven regional caucuses to conduct briefings on the status of national health care reform and key issues for low-income families
    • Convened a national religious roundtable focused on policy and analysis, communication strategy and the development of educational materials on health care reform for local congregations
    • Organized religious roundtables to bring denominational leaders and prominent clergy together to discuss and learn about health reform
    • Briefed religious leaders from four Christian denominations on the status of health care reform, policies related to low-income families, affordability, children's coverage and Medicaid
    • Conducted other dissemination activities.